Commercial teeth whitening has exploded in recent years. It’s become far more accessible, with toothpaste manufacturers producing toothpastes that promise “whiter teeth with every brush” and mouthwashes that claim to whiten teeth as you rinse. The truth is that you won’t see results from whitening products you can buy from a shop. Consumer-level products are […]

Most of the time, looking for an NHS or private emergency dentist isn’t something any of us need to worry about. As long as we’re attending appointments regularly according to our dentist’s recommendations and maintaining good dental hygiene at home there’s nothing to worry about. Making sure to eat sensibly and keep sugary drinks and […]

If it lasts for longer than two days then it’s a sign that you’re probably suffering from tooth decay. Tooth decay is generally a simple problem to treat as long as it’s caught early: treatment will usually involve filling the tooth. If it’s allowed to progress, however, you risk the decay spreading throughout the tooth. […]